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The E.M.P.R.E.S.S. Movement

You made it!!


And just in time to claim your seat at the table.


This movement is no joke! We have seen FAR TOO OFTEN how women degrade themselves from who they truly are. These women have not even thought twice about how they are treating THEMSELVES. And on and on the cycle of self-hate continues.…


We’re not watching women destroy their own spirits, their names, or their bodies ANY LONGER. We are constantly reminding our subscribers that they are Empresses and they deserve to live as one.


. . . . but what is an Empress?


Empress /M-Pres/ - a woman who is a sovereign (divine) ruler of great power and rank, especially one ruling an empire (Oxford American Dictionary)


By definition, anEmpress is a female ruler ofher Empire. That’s exactly how every woman should see herself regardless of what she’s endured in life. She should know there is a crown sitting at her peak. Her head needs to be raised high up to keep the balance. Not a wrap on top of her skin can secure her the way her crown fits.



It has gotten so potent for many women to call themselves “Queens” to gain a sense of their royalty but based upon history, the queens don’t get the respect they deserve, and she’s really doing all the work unaccredited. (And let’s face it, men have claimed “Queens” for themselves. But still, we are entitled to our own identities.)




Get Empressed NOW!

An Empress is in every woman, whether she knows it or not. We’ve made it our mission to help awaken her when it matters most. She is a magnificent warrior, a savior of herself; she rises to any occasion thrown her way. She is so confident in herself that nothing can break her, and when she notices her calling, she’s prepared to help other women arise to their divine nature as well.

To be an Empress is to know why it’s so crucial to find your true divine gifts. As a woman, you hold a significant connection to the earth that is more powerful than just being human. We give, we nurture, we honor and strengthen life around us everyday. There is absolutely no way this planet can survive without a woman.


Think about the grass for a moment. Grass derived from soil without planting seeds. It’s a very special and intricate root system known to nurture any and ALL things that consume it. And the best part about it is it never stops growing. You should take some time to go outside and give appreciation to the elements for what we have not understood for quite a while. So simple, yet we’ve allowed our thought process to be so strenuous that we forget accept things for that they are.

A woman’s place in this world is tremendous because we are the givers of life. Our bodies alone are designed to keep life circulating. And with great power comes a greater deal of responsibility. As you become aware of the obstacles in your designed path, it’s in your advantage to conquer in gratitude. 




we use EMPRESS wisely, that is: using theEmpowerment of beauty andMotivation ofPeace toRestoreElations inSovereignSocieties.

Yes these are big words, and each one carries power! A fierceness that only women can engulf in such a way that can actually be intimidating to those who are not as stimulated.



Now that we have courage....




This is when the fight gets tricky. Every Empress has a different obstacle to face, so we gather our “great minds” in a collectively brief meditation and pursue our individual paths in alignment of our unique divinities. As we prevail into the appropriate directions, it is inevitable to overlook the barriers along the journey (some being generational curses), so we’re gonna attack these matters together!



Confidence is the foundation for every Empress. That is, self-assured energy that is needed to make the best decisions for one’s own esteem. You can’t expect to carry someone else if you don’t take care of yourself. It’s easy to be shy, but letting yourself be walked all over is ultimately the worst thing you could do to your spirit. We have to take care of that first. How are you addressing yourself? Who are youimpressing? What are your fears? Let’s talk about it! You no longer have to carry the weight along if you express your truths. *Consult with KJ today* because the fight is bigger than you and us alone.

 Make yourself PROUD as you take the more conscious approach into the life of your dreams. Use your talents to build the legacy you want to leave behind for your family’s next generation. Forget about how society displays the process of gaining your success. You can decide today how to fulfill your life. Your confidence needs to be keen no matter the circumstance ahead and you must have integrity when building fortitude if you’re truly looking for a lasting remission.



We cannot succeed without facing adversity when the opportunity presents itself. There are major challenges ahead that we are concurring, and it won’t be easy. Tune in to “Awake Your Inner Empress” Podcast where we discuss these situations, develop methods to overthrow the patriarchal society and endure a peaceful healing ambiance. For us to progress in any way it requires us women to empower each other for the sake of our collective existence. The remedy is in us to alleviate the generations to come.

Since we are in a constant war that many people are not aware of, we have to use “EMPRESS” wisely. A great ploy we authorize lies within fashion. Our brand apparel contains signature keynotes to increment our empire for those who may not have been awakened, yet. The statements will denounce our entity as a base in which women can return to for empowerment, community and other resources deemed as confidence enhancers, like our Mink Lashes. We equippedmink lashes initially to offer protection to your sight. They are your shield from insecurities, and they also secure your confidence while keep your soul intact. They are training your eyes to see differently in a more precious veneer. When you see better, you move better.

Don’t ever think you are alone in those moments of defeatism! Just when you need a lift, we are right around the corner with encouraging content. As an Empress, it is important to know that your emotions are valid and you’re feeling them to make you stronger. Leaning into your strengths now are an urgent matter for you to find peace by actually facing your shadow work. Tap into a power within you never knew was there, unlock your true potential and soar amongst all of your goals and aspirations.

You are required to step out of your comfort zone to show up for yourself. Once you realize how powerful your self-acceptance is to your health, you can begin to mature with each risings as you put forth effort to create your destiny and manifest your greatness into the new world, OUR WORLD! Experience life like you never have before by leaping into new challenges, learning more information, and trying new interests.

Bring out your full potential!

Small results become the most IMPACTFUL accomplishments, so don’t forget to commend yourself (“I am concurring!”) and give thanks to your ancestors throughout your success. It is prevalent to document all your fundamentals as you step into your destiny, for times you may need a reminder of how far you’ve come and it can become a great reference to pass along your memories. An Empress knows her power lies in her story, and the tougher it was to go through the more it becomes a sacrifice to relive enough to empower another Empress, but that is our responsibility to carry in order to heal the next generation of women and the cycle can end with us! We are miraculously more power than we were EVER credited for and we must start using our voices to uplift the burdens that were casted over us as deities and restore the balance of the divine eclectic.






For over 400 years, the indigenous people have been manipulated, kidnapped, abused, SLAUGHTERED, and outright brainwashed into adopting the Americanized culture that has drifted us so far away from our DIVINITY that we don’t know who we are, we cannot fathom what we are truly capable of, we BELIEVE that people like us are a threat and we continue to trust our oppressors to take care of us even though they’ve SHOWN us countless of times that they are not changing what works for them!


Everything we consume in our day to day lives caters to our own demise, but we have been blindsided by the enemy for so long that we’ve gotten comfortable being tortured. They were able to pick us apart enough to feed us back our own information in a disgraceful version that does not highlight our SUPERIORITY. and yet over and over you continue to allow them rewrite our stories and ancestry. Only our DNA carries to truth about who we are, what we are, where we come from and what our ancestors have been through. Within this journey, together we learn how to unlock our genetic codes using spiritual regressions, we open our minds to infinite possibilities while we practice to trust our instincts.

It has been easy for society to grow into dependency, but it’s war on the mind that has been instilled in us as children and it is still a tactic used today on the youth, subconsciously diluting the free will of a child using discipline to control their minds. Good behavior has been the most crowning recognition of this society based off of how the media has displayed “humanity” from multiple perspectives. However, those perspectives have not included our own and the saddest fact has been that our elders have been aware of the constant betrayals of the system. For us to even move forward, we must choose to voice our opinions when in the proper moments to reclaim our power. YOUR CONFIDENCE IS INEVITABLE TO NURTURE NOW MORE THAN EVER!


Seriously, if you knew you were a God
how do you carry yourself along this walk of life?


It just can’t be how others choose to enjoy this field because you can see the greater outgrowth and you aren’t afraid of the truth!


It does get lonely sometimes when you are working to gain your senses, but remember how precious your energy is to protect in order for you to shape a beautiful life that you deserve. It is essential throughout your journey to let go of the things that don’t serve your greatness and understand that not every soul you’ve met is meant to be carried along your excursion. Allow yourself to undergo the awakening as you’re vision becomes clearer of what you have in front of you, the answers to all of your desires.



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The E.M.P.R.E.S.S. Movement

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