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Care for Your Mink Lashes

Keep it Clean & Keep it Cute

There is no complicated science on how you should clean your lashes. However, you do want to clean them regularly. I mean, you are putting them near your eyes.




The most effective cleaning product we recommend is micellar water. With gentle cleaning components, micellar water doesn’t require rinsing after use and it removes all dirt, oil and adhesive from the strips.


Lightly massage the micellar water solution into the lash bands to loosen dried glue as shown in the tutorial video. Allow the lashes to air dry in the case provided.



  Do NOT sleep in lashes!!



Shield Against Insecurities


Mink lashes are the most profound enhancements for your beautiful seers. Not only are you fancying your appearance, you can also secure your confidence. Lashes can help train your eyes to see in a more precious overview, leaving you with little room for doubt. Mink lashes allows an electrolyzing debut to a woman’s face. Starting with her eyes, she can look and feel amazing.


There is no time like the present moment to amplify your beauty. Wear your confidence in lashes when you can’t seem to find it within you. The illuminating sensation from just you noticing your own beauty has a long-lasting effect on your psychological growth, therefore inducing a repetitive habit of seeing your beautiful self will keep your soul intact. So don’t forget your lashes when you’re going to work, school, meetings, grocery stores, parties, dates, vacations, or when you’re hanging around the house. Get EMPRESSED.

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