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December 04, 2021 6 min read

Just Breathe



 It’s ok ….. to just let go sometimes and get lost in yourself, even for a moment. Take as long as you need to go from one place to another. Ride the wave of internal bliss and  uncover your true sovereignty.

With every breath of fresh air you inhale, new life enters your body.Your lungs, your veins, and your brain has a reawakening! You may think of how simple it is, “you don’t need to think about breathing, it just happens,” but when you realize that with every breath you take is actively improving your vessel, there‘s more value in a simple WOO-SAH. Similar to when you sleep, your breathing operates on ‘autopilot’ so that your body can undergo restorative processes like healing wounds, reducing stress, initiating growth, and overall recharging your existence. Therefore, breathing is more than intaking oxygen to release carbon dioxide from the body, and every individual should be more conscious of their own breathing and how it may be affecting their lives.


Explore Your Inner Domain - A World Within You


Are you aware of the possibilities you can manifest just by being on a steady breathing rhythm? Do you know how powerful your respiratory system is? Do you really know what it means to breathe??



Present Tense.


v. (with object) to inhale and exhale in respiration (the sum total of the physical and chemical processes in an organism by which oxygen is conveyed to tissues and cells, and the oxidation products, carbon dioxide and water, are given off; an analogous chemical process, as in muscle cells or in anaerobic (lives wWITHOUT oxygen) bacteria, occurring in the absence of oxygen); to express, manifest


v. (without object) to take air, oxygen, etc. into the lungs and expel it; to live, exist


How can the “procuring of life” concept be so controversial?


I’ll tell you……


Benefits of Practicing Proper Breathing Techniques


You may not realize when you’re going about your day and situations occur that cause an impulse reaction to hold your breath for a few moments at a time and it’s often we do this without even noticing it. This is the foundation for stress and anxiety to build on. How?Because there’s a blockage taking place where the free flowing air is needed. Our human lifespan depends upon the breathing cycle to operate for the entire time we exist in this form, and it’s worth taking extra attention into this matter as it pertains directly to our health and well-being.

When you stop breathing on a fluid pattern, your cells notices the interruption and decelerates in reproducing. They are no longer in the comfort zone that they’re use to being in. Most likely you will feel out of it, or moody, when you hold your breath without realizing it. That’s why you see the characters in movies perform breathing exercises to control their thoughts, actions, and their stress levels.

 Prepare your mind to be blown away!

 The simple act of breathing, which has been taken for granted for far too long, is actually our MOST POWERFUL deed to living. Without being taught, a newborn baby will generally learn how to breathe on its own, and if you notice, the infant has a natural breathing rhythm that’s on the same pattern for when they’re awake or sleeping. Over time, the consistency slows as the child develops and have different experiences (sickness, injuries, discipline, etc.), eventually losing the natural flow that was once a signature of their livelihood.

Practicing breath work is an amazing self-therapy technique that’s worth taking a few moments out of each day to dedicate breathing on a nice flowing rhythm to clear out your energy. Begin with a steady inhale, maintain the same pace when breathing out, and let your respire follow the rhythm naturally. Focus onwhere the air travels within your lungs, and make sure you’re breathing deeply to expand your diaphragm (your belly should move up and down instead of your shoulders). It doesn’t take long to become engulfed in tranquility, and a pure essence of your being transforms into a prevalent fringe of insight.

 Physically, the big deal here is the actual advantages of breath work, like: 

  • boosting your immune system
  • oxygenating your blood
  • releasing toxins from your body
  • improving your digestive system 
  • reducing your heart rate & blood pressure
  • minimizing your chronic pain
  • opens up your heart space


Waking Moments After a Night’s Recovery


What do you do from the time you open your eyes at sunrise? Stretch out? Check your phone? Use the bathroom? Shout positive vibrations into the atmosphere? Or do you consciously allow yourself to breathe and process your intentions for the day?

However you begin the day will set the tone of your entire day.

I personally like to affirm myself before I open my eyes as if my higher self has appeared over me and she’s telling me how beautiful I am, or how far my uncanny strengths and abilities will carry me, or sometimes she would jolt me out of my trance and pull me right out of the bed.

In the very first 10 minutes after you wake, your thoughts are highly intuitive and more plausible to become your reality. For example, if you set your alarm clock for work in the mornings, you’ve set your intentions the night before to show up for your job the next day, so instead of hitting the snooze button, you let the alarm interrupt your REM sleep and in those primal moments your thoughts are manifesting the rest of your day (which is a MAJOR reason why we should stop using alarm clocks!)In retrospect you haven’t even realized that you set those intentions based off an agenda that’s not yours. I understand having to do things to make money and provide for yourself and your family, but those “jobs” you seek were created to distract you with promises of luxury and materials to add more value to you as a person, but really it takes your energy and the quality time you could use to enjoy your family. When you focus too much on the money instead of what you get out of money can form a inconsistency in your routine, and your in your subconscious. You must discover the bases of manifestation to understand how simple it can be to change your entire life.


Let Each Breath In Force Stress Out!

I see it like this: in thinking of the aspects of blood, I know it is a free flowing energy. If there is a blood clot (a blockage), then your blood has a limited current in which it can flow. One clot can influence the domino effect to cause more clots to forms. Though, not all blood clots are a bad thing since our wounds heal through the clotting; however, blood clots can be severely fatal, just as severely as stressing alone.

The reason why I compare the two is because stress is to the mind what a blood clot is to the body. It can be a good thing for those who are attempting to grow in their subconscious, doing the shadow work and healing from their pasts. Stress can also be used in a form of motivation if you can reach a certain level to be able to respond positively to the pressure.

There is nothing more refreshing than breathing in the outside air. Especially now with our “new normal” status since face masks have become a requirement for most activities of our daily lives. The masks are preventing majority of the population from enjoying a brisk inhale, an intake of life so clearly destined for our bodies to function properly. These new policies are actually dangerous, and yet the most challenging obstacle our society has ever had to face.

A direct element of human life is breathing. Your lungs coexist with your beating heart, therefore oxygen is a necessity to your life form. Wearing a face mask daily is detrimental to your overall lifespan because it is restricting us from our usual respiratory activities. We can’t just breathe in and out in the way our bodies were designed to.

Even though it is essential, I will not use this article to make commentary on COVID-19 to avoid reporting my bias perception of the matter.

In fact, going around the cause of the “new normal” is doable. Did you know that mental ailments, such as bipolar depression, derive directly from stress? Yes,stressStress is a specific response of the body when a person is stimulated by fear, pain, or unwanted memories. It’s the #1 factor that forms into every mental disorder that individuals are diagnosed with everyday. Bipolar depression, PTSD, OCD, eating disorders, even schizophrenia are illnesses of the brain after some form of stress occurred and left a unbalancing affect on some people’s everyday lives and women are the prime victims of these diseases. Its time we stop allowing “medical professionals” diagnose us with stress-related illnesses and begin learning to heal ourselves and regain our independence in the world.


Keara Charley
Keara Charley

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