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February 01, 2021 2 min read


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Ep. 1: Awake Your Inner EMPRESS

This episode is an introduction into the overall reason of this podcast. Listen in and follow along especially if you have been waiting for a change to happen. We want to inspire all women of all races in all cultures and in all countries!



Ep. 2: A Great Awakening

In this episode, we discuss the great  awakening. A great awakening is happening all across the world, do you feel it? I share my personal experience of a great awakening and how it is guiding me through everyday, and I’m hoping it helps you arise to new heights.



Ep. 3: F.E.A.R. “Forget Everything And Remember”

In this episode, I break down why you should never fear anything you were told about, and “forget everything and remember” who you are. Your life is all about you being in control of it. We want you to know that and we are here to help you see it.




Patience is your natural calling. You have to pace yourself, (meditate) and understand where you are going. Life is a marathon; there is no sprinting here. Prepare yourself by first loving who you are and wanting to see your potential in the way it was intended for you. Don’t try and get in the next person’s shoes when you don’t know how far they’ve walked, because more than likely they don’t have “soles” anymore. Take your time as it belongs to you.



Ep. 5: Get Away From Narcissism, QUICK!

We all do it, and often times unconsciously. It’s time to take back control of your life. We promote self care here, and the upmost self-love and respect. But there is definitely a line that separates self-appreciation from narcissistic conceitedness. Its hard to be around people who are so self absorbed and if that person is you, then consider a new approach. That way we don’t drive away the best people in our lives, we make room for them. Love yourself, and appreciate others who show up for you.



Ep. 6: Boundaries

 “Don’t cross that line!” No, seriously. Once that line has been drawn, it is up to you to maintain it. You don’t have to allow anyone any passes when it comes to your boundaries. Trust yourself about the limits you are placing within your life, and take control of the wheel!



Ep. 7: Pay ATTENTION to Detail!

The truth is hidden in right in your face. They just don’t want you to acknowledge it. Being absentminded won’t cut it anymore, and we deserve better! Do you know that? If you know better, do better for the sake of your own future!


Keara Charley
Keara Charley

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