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June 01, 2021 6 min read





Are your natural eyelashes curly like mine??

One of the most irritating things I have always had to deal with was my curling eyelashes. They literally curl right into my eyeballs. That feeling is so irritating I would frantically rub my eyes and sometimes they would turn really red. Then I would just start plucking out all of the lashes on my waterline (yeah, so basicallyALL of them).

I remember when I first tried mascara. It actually gave my eyelashes length for the first time. I had only assumed my eyelashes were short because of its curly-ness. The mascara really showed me my eyes and I have adored how it makes my eyes more noticeable, but it didn’t fix the problem. Half way into the day the mascara would loss its effect that kept the lashes stiff and into place. It would began to smear around the corners of my eyes and,YEP, you’ve guessed it! My eyelashes were back poking me in my eyes.

I knew pulling out my eyelashes was a quick fix to for my issue, so that’s was my “go to” method for a while. It may have relieved the pain instantly, but it never changed my curl pattern (if anything it got WORSE! lol). I even tried to use mascara everyday to train my lashes to hold its volume and length. That required 3 different applications; mascara primer, falsify length mascara, and mega volume mascara. Moral of the story is: it still didn’t help with curls, it only made my eyelashes heavier and more irritated. Now, just imagine pulling out all the painful hairs and just seeing the gaps left between the hairs of your eyes.

Yeah, that’s what made me try out false lashes. I never expected to have fallen in love with my results as much as I did. It wasn’t just about how refined the lashes made my eyes. IT LITERALLY SAVED ME! The lash glue held my natural lashes in place under perfectly fan-wings false lashes. I was astound by the look it gave to me face, but I was even more elated about not having irritated eyes. This is when I knew that I’ve found what works best for me, and I am happy to share some of my tips with you.





ApplyingLash Strips to Curly Eyelashes 

This 3-step guide has helped me apply my false lashes with ease. Not only will the application be a breeze, the removal of the lashes will be just as swift! Follow these steps for the best results.

STEP 1: Prep the Eyes


With any makeup practices, it will always be a great idea to start with a primer. This is to prepare your skin for the impurities you are about to spread on it, and it acts as a barrier (or an extra layer of protection) to block your pores from getting clogged and irritated, while also creating a long-lasting base for your foundation.

 For lashes, our primer would be . . .MASCARA!

Personally, I would recommend using a defining mascara to elongate your natural hairs so that the curls would straighten out a bit. However, you can use any mascara you have. The tip here is to use small amounts of it; 1-2 coats are just perfect!Lightweight and no clumps.

Allow the mascara to harden before moving on . . . .


STEP 2: Cut & Paste


Some lashes can be a little tricky with sizes, so you have to make sure they are the best fit for your eyes.

Remove the strips from their trays and begin measuring them by placing them right on top of your lash bed, starting from the inner corner closest to your nose. You want to give this corner a gap of space away so that the hairs in the strip just barely (or not at all) touch the sides of your nose. 

Then, extend the full length of the strip to the outer corner of your eye. However much of the lashes that runs past this cornerhas to go!

While still holding the excessive ends, take the lashes off of your eye-lines, and proceed to cut the bands near your fingertips.

Easy enough?


STEP 3: The Perfect Placement


Now, andUSING LASH GLUE ONLY, you can do this 2 ways: either spread an ample amount of the adhesive across the lash strip and allow it to get tacky for about 60 seconds before attaching it to your eyelids, or you can apply an even line of the adhesive directly above your lash bed for about 20 seconds before attaching strips (this method is less messy and will save you time). 

The adhesive will look gummy when it is ready. If it is not tacking you may have started too soon, or too late so I hope you have your applicator ready!

 Place the lash strip in the center of the curve on the tool. That way it’s easier to sit the strip in the perfect spot. Starting from the outer corner this time, rope the lashes into the glue right above your lash bed around til you reach the inner corner.

 Once you have your strip in the desired frame, use your tool to secure it into your natural lashes. That is, applying a little pressure on top of the lash strip down into your lash bed. Sometimes I have to use my fingers to apply pressure under my lash beds so I’m not worried about my curly lashes moving under my falsies and into my eyes, but alas this is the most efficient trick I’ve learned about applying lashes.

 Top it off with a liquid eyeliner to correct any mistakes and make your statementbolder!



~ ~ video coming soon ~ ~



Now that you have your lashes on perfectly, at some point you’ll need to take them back off. I’ll let you in on the secret . . .



Best Ways to Remove Lash Strips

 Did you know that lash adhesive iswater-soluble?Yep, It’s true! It’s actually very simple but be cautious of getting the lashes wet or it will not hold up its original form.


Here is 3 different methods I use:


  1. Wipe around the glued strip with a makeup wipe. If you used eyeliner, this is the area you should be wiping.
  2. Take a steamy shower. The heat will melt your primer and make the removal process so much easier! Just pull them off.
  3. **This is if I’m being lazy** I would rub my eyes as if I’m trying to wake myself up and make a few tears surface around my eyelids. I know that when my fingers are wet the lashes come right off!


I never use a lash removal serum for strip lashes!


~ ~ video coming soon ~ ~





Those coats of mascara I use always protect my natural lashes from ripping out. I highly suggest that you use it too! Notice that the glue cannot pull out your lashes when it is wet because the water dissolved it’s stickiness!


Once your strips are no longer attached to your face, remove any excess glue that could still be on it. It is now time to cleanse them. Use a makeup wipe, or my favoritemicellar water, to disinfect them and gently remove any makeup.


 Replace them back into their cases for further use and keep them stored in a visibly clean area.



To Summon up . . .

Remember that natural curly eyelashes require a special trick to achieve the perfect false lash application. Try out the 3-step method I created to tackle the job. Prep your eyes using any kind of mascara, cut the strips to fit your unique eye-line, use a good amount of lash adhesive and perfectly stick your falsies into place. 

It may take a few tries before this method gets easier, but you can do anything you believe you can.

Don’t forget to take off your lashes before you go to sleep!!! Loosen up that glue with a little water and there’s your easy removal. Take an extra few minutes to sanitize your lash strips and put them away nicely so that when you are ready to put them back on, you’ll have no time to waste!


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Keara Charley
Keara Charley

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