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November 22, 2020 1 min read

I shudder, only because looking back is like a wicked spell. Why do I feel like I keep reliving that moment? Knowing damn well I’m in a great space that could never be so sour. I guess my thoughts can look ahead, but my subconscious has PTSD. Yesterday, none of that sh*t could get to me, but today I’m living in dèja vû. I thought I was over it. But really the story ain’t finished. Maybe that’s why it seems like no ending. Would an apology do? Yeah, you would think. Trauma is like a hurricane; it was gonna happen anyway. Or should I say an earthquake? Because the affects left behind is forever. There ain’t enough cement in the world that could patch up this mistake. Walking on me like an eggshell, it’s too late! I’m already broken. See, that’s just one point of view. Dont get me twisted either. I ain’t Humpty Dumpty, you cant glue me back together. Part of me is already gone. I’m working with the pieces I have left and it only makes me stronger.... but that’s not true. I’m weak, but I can’t stop now. Tomorrow is on its way and the sun will be back around. So let me rest, and when I awake, time will heal and I must wear my crown.
KJ Tha Great
KJ Tha Great

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