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The FREE Woman

December 01, 2020 1 min read

Strip yourself,
completely naked.
Feel how non-restricting that is?

Women are so unappreciated because they are under control.
By someone else’s thoughts and expectations,
now they think those thoughts are their own.
They look at themselves in the mirror and proceed to judge themselves
based off of those harsh expectations to find a way to be perfect.

Know your worth sis! 

I’m speaking directly to my little sister,
and girls just as young as her,
because they are the free woman!
Thinking for themselves, unfiltered and unprecedented.
They look at the world with likes of butterflies and rainbows,
dreaming of the magic from unicorns and mermaids.

Your purity,
little sister,
is your crystals of life.
The sun in the sky, a light so bright!
I can’t just watch the world take that from you.
“Educate” you and make you think
to be a woman you have to meet the criteria off a checklist?

A free woman at that.

Growing up ain’t all it’s cracked up to be,
because the diluted truths are a chained woman’s reality.
You are free now, and I hope you remember this when they try to “make you better”.
Let your heart be forever young.
You’ll miss it when it’s gone.

Women of such control has every power to reignite her candle.
But if she’s too far gone,
it’ll be like trying to lead the blind.
So let's successfully wake up the women who can hear us.
You can be a free woman too, starting with changing your mindsets.

KJ Tha Great
KJ Tha Great

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