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Imagine That!

November 19, 2020 1 min read

You know, the impossible is really a SCAM!
If you call it “impossible” that means it was planned.
Or am I just imagining things?

The more I think about it, its actually sad.
To be blindsided for so long.
Generation after generation, JUST PAY ATTENTION.
For once at least....

Can down be up and up be down?
YES! Just noticing how the sun leaves us and comes back around,
at least that’s just how it seems from our point of view.
The sun doesn’t move, that we know of.
So that means neither does the sky.
Only thing moving is us, on our celestial course but we’ve gotten so full of ourselves as if we cant be diminished or replaced.

The sun never sleeps.
The sun is far less selfish than us because it has more than just our planet to energize...
That’s right, it’s a battery.
Recharging us with every rising.
How ungrateful can us humans be?

I’m sorry I misspoke.
We aren’t ungrateful, only misled.
Somewhere in the gaps of existence,
with the shine of a diamond and and a boast upon a thread.

Simplemindedness has left us in an everlasting tunnel vision.
It's year 2020, symbolic for perfect vision.
Damn, there I go imagining again.

I mean I might as well paint you a picture with the words that flow,
effortlessly through my head.
Round and around the hamster go on a wheel.
My f*cking head hurt I can’t keep doing this.
I’m too intelligent to give you all of me and I’m left dead,
and you keep the benefits of MY success??

Na, that ain’t no American dream.
That’s your reality that I cannot follow.


KJ Tha Great
KJ Tha Great

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