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I Ask Myself....

December 05, 2020 1 min read

Why do we settle?
Especially when we end up at a dead end?
How can we be so comfortable being left confused,
or even be unbothered that the truth is so far out of sight?

Who told us that this was gonna be okay?
Where do we even go from here?
It’s time to break the cycle, isn’t it?
Paint a new picture, you think?

I mean, why do I, or hell should I, worry about what I cannot control?
By what powers are not invested in me?
Who is really guiding me?
Who is thinking my thoughts for me?
If my answer is me, then why am I so easily influenced?
Am I not strong enough? Brave enough?
Do I really feel powerless??

How do I know what’s out there for me?
When will the answers reveal itself to me?
I know what I like to do and I know what I’m good at,
but is that the missing piece I’m looking for?
If I haven’t already, should I give them a try?

What do I have to loss?

The idea of the “American dream”??
The shame of holdingmyself back?
Theguilt for not trying before?
What will I learn from it?
Could I even be taught a new trick?


If no one tells me, how will I know what is right?
Am I the only one I should trust to leadME?
I know what’s best for me, right?

KJ Tha Great
KJ Tha Great

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